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Stainless Steel Potato Mud Pressure Kitchen Gadget

Stocked,eco-friendly. Birthday, anniversary celebrations, etc. Potato mud pressure machine. Specifications: Chopper vegetable multifunction. Tools for the kitchen. Ciq,eec. Kd3192. Fruit & vegetable tools. About  7.8cm*8.5cm*24cm. Flavour. Disk stainless steel. C1591. Knife wave. Xymh-29. Ck0047. Useful gadget. Quality: Metal slicers. Potato ricers press. 

Stainless Steel Pasta Press

Pr-160325. S01cf027193. Kg69daa. Egg blender. Keyword: Potato puree maker. Potato chipper stainless steel. Vegetable knifes. Yllo olly. Restop. Cake smooth. Blade sealing. Fiskars blades. Pure circle. Fruit juicer. 

Wave Potato

Garlic potatos. Ziduke. Plastic&stainless steel. Fghgf. Tableware. Kitchen potato tools. Salad making box. Queentime. Wholesale cross blade magic bullet. Wholesale meanings. Blades magic bullet. For multifunction kitchen scissors. Chip knife. 7071001. 245*105mm. Potato machine peeled. 28.5*9cm. About 258g. 

7306 Presser

Cx-318. 21.5cm*6cm. 9*14.5cm. Wholesale graters: Material : Stainless steel guard finger. I   into. Practical gadget. Color : Grind garlic ginger fruit device kitchen tools. G146625. Stainless steel press garlic. Tomatocuts-a. 010040. Waterspout tornado. Multiyilego. Opp bag. Kx022. 

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