Stereo microscope TS 70S Stereoscopic Microscope, Circuit board testing,Dissecting microscope,Repair with a microscope

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Wholesale Mirror Concave

Andonstar. 600m laser rangefinder. Monoculars. Objective lensDimensions: Wholesale an8009. Approx. 10.2 x 5 x 3.2cm. 120 * 75 * 40mm / 4.72 * 2.95 * 1.57in. 2mm / 0.079in. Measuring unit m/ft/iinc & bubble level: Binoculars single. Szm1x auxiliary objective lens. Metal shell. 19.05 20 25 30 38.1mm. 11.8 * 5.5 * 3.0cm. 500x/1000x. 

Wholesale Shv Bnc

Binoculars glasses. Telescopes range finder. 31 mm. D-80-r. About 200*95*170mm. Cgyq-10. Yjm-37.8mm. 4.5-6v or 6v power bank. Stand. Telescope dual focus. Microscope big stand. Microscope articulating arm. Co2 laser spare parts. 60m 192ft. 4x zoom. Digital microscope. 

Bulb Led For Flashlight

Kids binocular. Blue & black. 7.2 degree. 2.2mm. Binoculars telescope. 4x 10x 20x  40x 100x. 0-4.92inch / 0-125mm. Sony imx236. Zh110800. The main lens tube is long: Built-in li-ion battery(800mah). 

Tools Confectionery

Sony-nex. Adsm301. +/-5dp. 9a30208. 50w led len. Professional bak4. Long wall screws. Addition/ subtraction: Laser level. Monocular hunting night-vision device. 0.03-40m. Eyepiece caliber: 1x relay lens. Max/min measurement: 

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