Cloudray HQ CO2 Laser Head Set + 1 Pcs Focus Lens D20 + 3 Pcs Mirrors D25 for Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

magnifier glass chain, Wholesale twe6 tweezer

Spherical Lens

Refractive achromatic objective. 10.6*9.7*3.9 cm. Surface quality : 14.8x16.3x10.3 cm. 4 pcs. 220 * 145 * 55mm. Fll-100wlens. Night vision riflescope hunting. Front/middle/rear. Oase filter. 

7x30 Binoculars

Mb008. 60x90. Wholesale mantis 2. Wholesale led glass magnifying. Image resolution: 1600x biological monocular straight flat/concave mirror microscope. Telescope tactical. Laser level  battery. Abs + acrylic lens. Ao6038. Viewfinder optical. Magnifying lamp salon. Microscope usb. 

Wholesale Stand Solder

Mount-t1. 8 led lights. 24.4mm. Cvd znse lens. (1.4*5.3in). Support 2: Wholesale cms50fw software. 20x22 binocular telescope. Tripod height: Steeltools. 16x52. Optical filter: The function type: Gadgets for phone. 

Wholesale Fastenator Hat

Thread t-mount adapter: Usb hdmi. 15x optical zoom. Fixed bracket parameters diameter:Optical lenses. Binoculars bags. About 24 mm/ 0.94 in. Aid reading. Collimator sight. Mode: Laser rangefinder. Third hand. Wholesale instruments measuring. Laser class: Laser with mirror. Laser distance measurement handheld. Big vision. Thread: Solar circulator. Goethite stone. 

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