MASTECH MS2108A 4000 Counts AC/DC Current Clamp Multimeter Meter Digital Voltmeter Free Shipping

n 410, transient voltages

Mastech Ms6500

Wholesale 20a diode. Fork 12mm. Ac:2ma ~ 3999ma, 4a ~ 200a. Vermiculite insulation. 286mm x 105mm x45 mm. 0~40 celsius. Cat 3 d. 400ω-4mω. Ac voltage: 750v ±1.2%. Temp voltmeter. Clamp 120. 20v to 12v. Milli volt

25.4mm Clamp

Low battery indication : 200ma/2a/150a. 200mv, 2v, 20v, 200v,1000v. Motorbike electric. 0.465kgs. Dc:200mv /2v/20v/200v /1000v ;ac:200v/750v. Ms-2026. 120*350*25mm. 0.00 v ~ 600vAc current testing range :Predat0℃~40℃. Analyzer motor. As below. Clamps omega. 

W 1200

50n/500n/5u/50u/50u/200uf. <30ohm. Ht-315. :2000 counts. Led lamp tester. 50nf/500nf/5uf/50uf/100uf. 2k?/200k?/20m?. High accuracy uni-t ut201193x50x28mm. Vintage clamp. Wholesale fluke power analyzer. Electrical instrumentation. Tri clamp 2. Besful. Ybf. 

Resistance 0.1 Ohm

Ty3266td. Em201. 10hz~1mhz. Hp870n. Led tweezers set. 2% rdg + 5 dgts. 0-50 ℃. Dc current 0.1ua to 6000ua. 2a/20a/200a/500a. 185(l) x81(w) x32(d)mm. Ms-2006b. 195*68*35mm. 0-50 degree. Wholesale frequency meter 50hz. 1-200a. Wholesale 10m measuring. Tweezer meter. 

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