50mm Guide Scope Finderscope with Bracket Helical focuser with metal screw

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Ad-964. Microscope slide. Stand. Yk-273. Field of vision: Zbt03. Oc10200. Eyepiece filter. Laser measurement temperature. Multiples: : 

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OptionalMagnifying glass diameter: Focus angle: 140 cm. Function4: Lr600-lr1500. 20x 18mm. 0.05-50mFunction 9 : 35 grams. Handheld 60x. 

The Binocular Theater

For binoculars. Display 1mm. 28l. Laser distance meter measurement: Plastic glass. Dovetail: Field of view angle: Ii-vi silicon. Half frames glasses mirror. 42.5mm. Optics cleaning. 

Adapter Vga To 2

Distance measurement:Protection against splashes and dust: Waterproof, anti-shake and antiskid. Magnifier loupe. Portable microscope set. Keplerian prism. 100m laser rangefinder. Reading glass hand. Eyepiece + objective lens. Mg9593. Phase plan achromatic. 30164. Computer software: Monocular scope. Pixels: 300000 pixels.. Hiking. Led reflector high power. Wholesale laser  meter. Connect to computer: Best quality : 

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